Being a pastor’s kid in the past is one of the best thing I ever experienced. As a student we cannot avoid doing bad things, after all… nobody is perfect. I did a lot of things that are regrettable and sinful as a Christian being but I am still very thankful to my parents because they never get tired of praying and guiding me to the right way. More than that I am very thankful to GOD that He never get tired of forgiving my sin, even though I keep doing bad things.

To be honest, sleeping in the pew with my head bowed while the preacher is preaching is one of my hobbies in the Philippines. I may be a Pastor’s kid in the past but the teachings about the bible and GOD is like nothing to me because I thought I already know a lot of things about GOD. Whoever the preacher is, and that includes my dad, it doesn’t matter to me at all. But on the other hand, I respect my dad more than anyone capable of respecting him. The moment he receives bad information about me,rest assured that it’s going to be a lengthy and personal preaching and rebuking from him all night. Even now, thinking of those moments was kind of funny but scary. Thanks to those fatherly rebuke because until now I learned a lot and yet I’m still learning.

          When my mom was still working in Hong Kong, every time she calls she never missed to ask me this 3 questions:

1. How many Gods do I have?

2. What is His name?

3. Where does He live?

She still asks me these questions up to the time I turned 14 years or age.

I wonder? Would my mom be asking me those questions even if I wasn’t a Pastor’s kid? Amen..

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